Zombie Rockerz T-shirt Styler


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Darkside-Designs.com features the work of Jon Haward, MARVEL licensing Spider-Man comic artist and Shakespearean story illustrator.  In 2015 Darkside-Designs and Make Some Noise, Norwich are exclusively launching Jon’s new Zombie Rock t-shirt range.  The site also features t-shirts and merchandise of Jon’s fantasy art, ranging from traditional fantasy to gothic creations.

In a 30 year career Jon Haward has been published around the world. For over ten years Jon was one of only a handful of European artists drawing Spider-Man for MARVEL UK.  Born in Norwich, Jon mentors local art students and recently worked on ‘Tales of the Buddha before he became enlightened’ for Canadian publisher Renegade Arts Entertainment (also available through Make Some Noise).

Jon has helped Classical Comics achieve commercial success and critics’ acclaim with his adaptions of Shakespeare’s plays Macbeth and The Tempest.  Jon also art directed the award winning Frankenstein the graphic novel. Other noted works, Jon has drawn Judge Dredd and Tales of Telguuth for 2000AD, Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures comic for Marvel UK / Panini and Shinobi for Sega and Fleetway Editions.  In 2012 Jon was concept artist for PJ Harlings FARE short film which won a film award in Los Angeles in 2014.  Outside of comics he has provided illustrations for a range of projects, including the 2009 British Comedy Awards